"I'm quite certain you know that I did not participate in track events. If you were thinking of my football - you forgot the helmet which I did wear!"
Gerald R. Ford

(Excerpt from the President's foreword to one of Lurie's books: Pardon me Mr. President published by The New York Times Book Co.)

"Dear Ranan,
I concur whole-
heartedly with Prime Minister Nakasone's description of the Japanese national symbol which you created. 'Taro San' should make a fine goodwill ambassador in helping the United States and Japan go forward as partners across the Pacific. Nancy joins me in sending you our best wishes."
Ronald Regan
"Dear Mr. Lurie,
Now my special collection can boast of yet another Lurie cartoon!"
Richard Nixon
"Dear Ranan:
Your cartoons are absolutely fantastic... except for a grumpy comment or two by my wife, secretary and daughter, the rest of us thought the likeness of me was pretty darn good... although my wife said I looked mean and sour..."
George H. W. Bush
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